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SafeKids Policy

SafeKids Program for 3&2 Baseball Club

The following constitute the policies of 3&2 Baseball Club with regard to awareness and prevention of abuse within our organization.

  • 3&2 Baseball Club is committed to provide a safe environment for children and to prevent child abuse and sexual misconduct.
  • 3&2 Baseball Club will make reasonable efforts to ensure that every person involved in managing a sport activity in our organization will abide by the SafeKids guidelines.
  • 3&2 Baseball Club will make reasonable efforts to exclude any adult with a legally documented history of child abuse/molestation from being an employee of this organization or from managing a 3&2 Baseball league team.
  • 3&2 Baseball Club will perform a criminal background check on every person offered an employment position at our organization and every person that applies to be a manager of a league team.
  • 3&2 Baseball Club will take appropriate action on all allegations of child abuse and/or sexual misconduct. All allegations known to management of 3&2 Baseball Club will be reported immediately to the authorities for investigation and we will cooperate fully with any such investigation.

The following represent the preventive measures of our organization with regard to abuse:

  • Physical, mental, and verbal abuse of any of the participants, coaches, managers, employees, volunteers involved in our sponsored activities will be discouraged.
  • Inappropriate touching of any kind is forbidden.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend sponsored activities.
  • It is the intent of 3&2 Baseball Club to deny any employment or managing position to anyone convicted of a crime of violence or a crime against another person.
  • Managers are responsible for conducting their own background checks for coaches or other individuals given responsibilities for working with children team members.  To the extent 3&2 Baseball Club determines that other responsible individuals for a team, including coaches, have been convicted of a crime of violence or a crime against a person, 3&2 can and intends to refuse such individual the right to participate in 3&2 activities.
  • While 3&2 Baseball Club is not responsible for checking the background of each of its patrons (including the coaches of the teams that play in 3&2 events), those convicted or charged with a violent felony or a sex offense with a minor will be suspended from all 3&2 activities (until found not guilty or the charges are dropped or a conviction is expunged). Thus if you are aware of someone who has been charged with or convicted of a violent felony or a sex crime with a minor and that someone is in any way involved in a 3&2 activity, you should immediately inform 3&2 and upon being provided with substantiated proof of such charges or conviction, that individual will be suspended from all 3&2 activities. For example, if you do a background check on a coach before joining a team and find evidence that he has been charged with a violent felony, you should report it to 3&2, even though you have decided to play for another team. Even more important if you are aware of anyone who has committed a violent felony or has committed a sex offense with a minor that has not been charged, you may be obligated to report those crimes to the proper authorities and you should do so immediately.


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