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The 3&2 Baseball Club

The 3&2 Baseball Club

Levels of Play at 3&2

T-Ball (Pre-K, must be 4 before June 1st of current year)
T -ball is a great introduction to baseball and the 3&2 program serves youth from preschool through high school.T-Ball is for preschool age boys & girls (4-5 years old) and we have two sessions of T-ball to offer in the Spring/Summer. The first six-game season will start mid April and run through the end of May.  The second six-game season will begin the first week in June and will go into mid July, depending on rainouts. Games will be played on Saturdays on area fields. Uniform T-shirt, hat and participation award provided.  No games played over the Memorial Day and 4th of July weekends.

All of the equipment is provided by the league, including a batting tee, reduced injury baseballs, bases, bats, and a catcher's mask. Players who sign up as an individual will be placed on a team in their area. Parents are needed to serve as coaches.

Teams at 3&2 are generally and naturally formed within the boundaries of nearby neighborhoods and schools. 
Recommended team size is 7-10 players to keep the kids busy both offensively and defensively.

Kindergarten Coach Pitch and/or Machine Pitch
At the kindergarten level, teams have the option of playing coach pitch the entire year, machine pitch or playing half the season as coach pitch followed by a second half of machine pitch. This level remains very instructional with coaches on the field. No score is kept and the game is played with reduced impact safety baseballs.
  • Season starts in early April.
  • Teams are formed by age, grade level, and geography. 
  • One hour games are played on weekday evenings and weekends.
  • Kansas City Royals-sponsored uniform shirts, hat and equipment provided.
  • Every member of team plays defensively each inning.
  • Participation awards provided for all teams.
  • No score is kept except during an optional bonus "playoff" tournament.
  • Great introduction to baseball if you missed t-ball or wanted to start your player's career in coach pitch.  
1st and 2nd Grade Machine Pitch
League play, safe consistent pitching machines allow for lots of offense and many defensive opportunities. After playing through a 12 game  regular season schedule, every 1st and 2nd Grade machine pitch team advances to the season ending playoffs in July.
  • Teams are formed by age, grade level, and geography. 
  • Safe, consistent pitching machines build confidence in players.
  • Kansas City Royals-sponsored uniform shirts and hats and insurance is provided, equipment is the responsibility of the individual team.
  • Perfect transition from coach pitch to player pitch at 3rd grade level.
  • Lots of offense – that means plenty of defensive opportunities.
  • 10-player defensive line-up with four outfielders.
  • 90-minute games played in early evening and weekends.
  • Instructional – Score & standings are kept at all levels.
  • Championship tournament in May for all teams (optional).
  • All players bat, but in 3-out or 7-run (whichever comes first) increments.
  • Instructor coach on field in 1st grade.
  • Sponsor Not Required (Sponsors can be used for purchasing equipment & misc. items).
  • Includes two paid, trained umpires per game.
  • 12-game season starts in mid-April.
3rd & 4th Grade Divisions - At this level, the players get their first taste of real baseball.
  • Teams bat through entire roster.
  • Minimum three innings playing time required defensively.
  • Pitching is limited to a certain number of pitches over a period of time.
  • Teams are seeded in 4-5 leagues.
  • Championship tournament in May called "Half way Home" for all teams (optional).
  • In-season tournaments available for teams.
  • Teams my be formed in advance by high school boundary and grade.
  • 12-game season starts in early-April.
5th & 6th Grade Divisions - Participation is still required and teams continue to bat through the entire roster. Rules become closer to real baseball rules.
  • Players can lead off and steal with the pitch.
  • Minimum three innings playing time required defensively.
  • Pitching is limited to a certain number of pitches over a period of time.
  • Teams are seeded in 4-5 leagues.
  • Championship tournament in July for all teams (optional).
  • In-season tournaments available for teams.
  • Teams my be formed in advance by high school boundary and grade.
  • 12-game season starts in early-April.
7th and 8th Grade Divisions
  • Tryouts begin with the start of the 7th grade season.
  • Tryouts, if necessary, are permitted.
  • Players earn the right to have more playing time by working hard and improving their individual and team skills.
  • Most managers try to play as many people as possible in each game, but it is not mandatory to do so.
  • Teams seeded into 3-4 leagues.
  • Championship tournament in July for all teams (optional).
  • In-season tournaments available for teams.
  • 12-game season starts in mid-April.
  • Several national organizations also host state, regional and national play that teams may qualify for.
  • Plenty of tournament opportunities within 3&2 and in the area.
High School Divisions
There are three leagues within the high school divisions; Federal, American and National.
  • The Federal League is designed for the player that does not try out for or does not make the high school team (some exceptions are made) but still desires to play baseball through the high school years. If a high school has a third team in summer play (typically freshmen) that team will play in the junior/senior level of the Federal League.
    • Teams are formed generally from a given high school area in early March after the tryouts have been conducted for the high school team.
    • The Federal League is divided into two levels of play; freshmen/sophomores and juniors/seniors.
    • 14-game season starts just before Memorial Day and concludes in late July.
    • Games are played on Mondays, Thursdays and weekends.
  • The American League (generally the next spring season's junior varsity level team from a given high school) and the National League (generally the next spring season's varsity level team) are most often coached by a coach from the high school. 
    • Teams are formed from a given high school area.
    • 7-game season starts after Memorial Day. These are weekly 9-inning games. 
    • Games are played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Within the 1st grade through 8th grade leagues, the following information pertains regarding competitive levels of play.

Metro /Premiere League (Competititve/Developmental)
At the 1st-8th grade levels, 3&2 will have its METRO League for highly-competitive AA, AAA and Major classified teams. Teams can be formed without regard to high school attendance area. If enough highly-competitive teams for this league cannot be put together, the league will not be formed at that given age level. In that case, teams will be given the option to play in the METRO League at the next older age group.
The season starts the mid April and will be played primarily on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Some games are played on Mondays and Thursdays as needed. In order to get all the games in, an early game and a late game will be played on weekday nights while school is still in session. 7th and 8th grade teams sometimes play double headers.

1st League (Competitive)
At the 1st-8th grade levels, 3&2 also has a league for competitive A/ AA-level teams. These teams typically have players in schools in the same area and will eventually go to high school together. Neighborhood teams that do not necessary hold tryouts but play at an advanced level for the age. 
2nd-6th Level (Recreational) League Teams
Our recreational leagues are competitive and fun for the players, but at the appropriate level for the age. Teams playing recreational levels usually focus on league baseball for the majority of their season, play in the playoffs and perhaps 1-2 tournaments for fun.. At the 2nd-8th grade levels, teams are placed into leagues based on the record the team had the previous year and whether or not a team has added or lost players that make the team more or less competitive. Teams at the 2nd level of play are generally more skilled than teams in the 3rd level of play, and so on.
Feedback from the manager is essential in making sure the team is placed in the correct league. Starting in November, the 3&2 web site will show in what level of play each team has initially been projected for the following spring season.
The season starts in mid-April and runs through June, with the "Half Way Home" Playoffs in mid May. Majority of games will be played on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The number of games and cost per player is determined by grade level.


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