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Barbosa Adopt-A-Player Fund

The Gary Barbosa Memorial Player Fund has been set up to honor the late Gary Barbosa and his love and dedication to youth sports, especially baseball.  Gary raised and coached his three sons through all levels of play at 3&2 spanning close to 15 years.  He achieved great success with his teams and enjoyed nothing more than spending evenings and weekends out at the ballpark.  His family has setup this fund so that any youth ball player wanting to play, but doesn’t have the financial means to do so, can utilize this fund for fees or equipment.

It is 3&2's goal that every child that wants to play baseball have the opportunity to play in our program.  Playing baseball can be a real challenge for families struggling to make ends meet.  Baseball can be expensive.  In addition to league fees, most teams require additional money to pay for practice field rental, team equipment, and uniforms at a minimum.  Add those costs to the price of a new or even used mitt, a helmet, a bat, cleats, etc...the costs alone oftentimes prevent kids from playing ball at all.  Families just don't think they can afford it.

Don't let these costs be a barrier for a child in this community wanting to play ball.  3&2 continues to do everything it can to help these families with fee assistance, donating equipment, providing uniforms for all teams Pre-K - 2nd Grade, but it's not enough, and we need your help.  3&2 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that receives no public funding. Revenues gained throughout the season from registration fees, concessions, camps, and gate all go directly back in to the program. 

Please consider adopting a player this season and maybe every season by donating to the Gary Barbosa Adopt-A-Player Fund.  Donated funds go directly to a specific family applying for help to assist in off-setting league fees or in appropriate cases helping with player or team equipment.  Please adopt a ball player this season and help 3&2 help a worthy family in need. 

If you played ball at 3&2 or elsewhere and have great memories of your own childhood growing up playing ball, don't let the game's cost prevent a kid like you once were from playing ball and receiving the great life lessons the game teaches along with the memories that last a lifetime.  A player you adopt today could be a player supporting a future baseball family which ultimately perpetuates the game we all love.

Click Here to Adopt-A-Player this season at 3&2

What amount should I donate?
Review the general donation guidelines to get started. A donation towards a player fee gives the ball player and their family an entire spring and summer of league baseball at 3&2--typically, 14-18 games with a team.

Adopt-A-Player Donation Levels
DonationGeneral Impact
$25-$5010-30% of a player fee and/or purchase a single piece of equipment.
$75-$10040-60% of a player fee and/or purchase 2 pieces of equipment (ex. used glove/helmet)
$125-$15060-80% of a player fee and/or purchase 2-3 pieces of equipment.
$175-$22580-100% of a player fee and/or fully equip a player to play for the summer.
$225+100% of a player fee for one or more families depending on donation amount.

General Requirements for Scholarship Applicants:

  • Contributes the balance of the player fee themselves, usually 50-75% of the registration fee.
  • Qualifies for reduced lunch program at their school.
  • Shows demonstrative need of help.
  • No family member belongs to an exclusive baseball club or academy team.

What happens after I make a donation?

  • You will receive confirmation that your donation was received.
  • You will receive a thank you letter from 3&2 Baseball, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, acknowledging your donation.
  • We will notify the family you have adopted and let them know they have received the support they need to play ball this season.

Real People in the Program with Real Needs
The following testimonials have been captured from actual families in need in the Johnson County 3&2 Baseball program.  They've shared here to give you, as a potential donor of the program, an idea of the type of situations families are encountering today right here in Johnson County and the very real needs/relief you might be able to offer by your donation. For the few that we've captured below, there are more than a 100 similar stories we don't have room to share.  Please help 3&2 help these families.

...My mom has been unemployed for a quite some time, and did just get a new job, but my dad's been laid off from his construction job this winter, making it tough on us...Overland Park, KS High School player who paid $55 of his own money in cash needing further assistance to play. (High School player)

...I am a single mom working full time, going to school and parenting.   I support 2 kids with no help.  I just need help to ensure my kids can stay active and involved and my sons love baseball. I promised him he could play if he keeps his grades up. He's done his part.  Prairie Village, KS (4th grade player)

...I went through a divorce last year and am trying to make it on my own. I work p/t and have 2 kids.  My son loves sports. He listens to his coaches and looks forward to practices and games. I really don't want to have to give up baseball for him.  As you can see my mom (grandmother of player) is paying half and that's all she can afford to help on her fixed income...Shawnee, KS (6th grade player)

...I am grandfather and we raise him due to irresponsible parents.  It's not his fault.  They don't work and he wants to play ball.  We're on social security as our only form of income and need help. We wouldn't ask for it if we didn't need it...Merriam, KS (1st grade player)

...My husband works for the church and I'm a substitute teacher.  We have 4 boys and live in a 2-bedroom home with in great need of repair.  We have a tarp over a one side of the house to stop the leaky roof which is currently full of snow.   My son's goal is to play HS baseball.  Last season he hit 6 home runs, 4 of which were out of the park!  He doesn't play on the best team in the league but he plays with his buddies and has been on the team since kindergarten.  He's a good kid, makes straight As, and worth every cent we have to pay for him to play baseball, but right now we can only afford half...Shawnee Mission, KS (7th grade player) 

...We are a low-income displaced family staying with other family members presently because my young daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  Due to the aggressive and intense radiation and chemo treatments, I'm unable to leave her and work.  We need help so my son can continue to play ball during this time.  If we're not in chemo, I am willing to volunteer at the park and help in any way to offset the support...Shawnee, KS (5th grade player)

Thank you in advance on behalf of the hundreds of families in need of your help for your thoughtful consideration. 


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