3&2 COVID-19 FAQs | The 3&2 Baseball Club
The 3&2 Baseball Club is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation serving the youth of our community since 1951.

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For tournaments, what are your gate procedures?

3&2 is converting its gate collection procedures from transactional (money, passes, wristbands, stamps) to a team gate fee payable prior to the event.  This change eliminates all hand-to-hand contact between you and facility staff and promotes distancing when entering and exiting the ballpark where bottlenecks can occur. This policy goes into effect May 22nd. Your team gate fee is 100% refundable if you do not get to play your tournament games at 3&2 due to weather or other unavoidable occurrence. 


How many people can be at the ballpark under the state’s plan?

Per the State’s re-opening guidelines… Mass gatherings of more than X individuals are prohibited… where they are unable to maintain 6 feet of distance between individuals (not including individuals who reside together) with only infrequent or incidental moments of closer proximity. At 3&2, this can be achieved and is permitted. SOURCE - AD ASTRA: A PLAN TO REOPEN KANSAS


Are there any screening requirements for umpires and park staff – i.e. temperature monitoring – before being allowed to work?  If so, what are they?

We are asking all employees before accepting a shift to work at the park if they have knowingly been exposed to anyone with Covid-19 in the past 14 days or have registered an elevated temperature themselves in the same period.


Are game times being adjusted to allow for people coming in and leaving? 

We are opening all exterior gates at all times at the park (not normally the case).  This equals six gates at our west complex and five at our east complex.  We have marked pedestrian lanes on entry and exit in canary yellow. 


We have moved games times for the second slot of the night during the week back 15 minutes to allow more time for players to enter/exit/clean dugouts and players and parents to enter/exit the park.  We do not expect the same sort of bottlenecks you might experience when fewer gates are open to collect gate or otherwise control crowd flow.


PA announcements will be made regularly during play reminding spectators about keeping social distance and other pre/post game procedures that have been modified, such as score and pitch count reporting.  While all games in our first evening slot start at the same time, very few of them end at the same time even with in the same quadrant of fields.  Games are naturally staggered and we’ve added time to further promote time and space between games. 


What about social distancing in the dugout?

Dugouts are various lengths so assigning a specific number to a dugout with a general number doesn’t work.  We have specified a max of three coaches on the field for 3-8th Grade and four for kindergarten – 2nd grade.  These coaches will help enforce social distance inside and outside the dugout.  Our guideline for an offensive half inning for teams is player is up to bat, player is on deck in the circle, player in the hole is in front of the dugout, all other players are six feet apart and may spill outside the dugout.  Depending on the age and field location, players outside the dugout are encouraged to sit with their parents.  Overflow may also be managed in the stands.  The stands (bleachers) are for players and coaches only.  Spectators must provide their own chair in their own space or sit in their car to view the game. Fans may setup around the circumference of the field away from the bleachers and each other. 


How will you handle reporting to teams/players/individuals when confirmed cases are reported (whether with spectators/fans, players, coaches, umpires, or park staff)?  Will entire teams be required to “quarantine” from play for two weeks following exposure?  Is there a policy to enforce this “quarantine”?

If a Covid-19 case is reported to the league, we will evaluate the case and contact tracing associated with it coming in if reported as well.  We will report the information to the Johnson County Health Department, the balance of the players or coaches on the team, their opponent, and all 3&2 staff who worked during that period at the park. In collaboration with the Health Department’s guidance, the league will determine whether a 14-day quarantine is appropriate by the player, 14-day by the team, or if the season is over at the time of the report for all parties.


Finally, are there triggering events/factors that the league has considered that will terminate the season – i.e. multiple confirmed cases, lack of symptom-free umpires or staff, etc?  Or, what if the state/municipality decides to reinstitute shelter in place orders?  Will there be a refund for the remaining portion of the season?

The State and County will remain our guide.  While we may not agree with all orders and decisions, we will not depart or question their authority and orders.  We will support the people making the tough decisions and the policies. We also feel strongly about a slow return after a green light to play is given to give our staff and members an opportunity to re-acclimate and train on the new experiences and procedures at the park.


Do we have enough time to give our members the service they purchased of providing youth baseball for the summer? 

Thus far, we’ve only had to reduce the season by zero to two games depending on age level.  This has required us to play deeper in the summer naturally than usual, but most teams are highly in favor of staying the course with us and their kids youth baseball.  For the teams or individuals that are not, we ask that they fill out a refund request form for tracking and will process those in the order in which they came in to the queue.