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12U Lawrence competitive team looking for 2 players Fall/Spring
by Seth Martin on 7/24/2021

Competitive team in Lawrence, KS looking to add 2 players for fall ball and spring/summer '22. Please email, text or call for more information.  






9 year old Speedster looking for a team
by Josh Chaney on 7/23/2021

My 9 year old is looking for a team. He has played for the 9U 1st division Monarchs the last three years but the team has decided to not continue. He plays every position but primarlily 2nd base and pitcher. He has been the lead off hitter and was the fastest baserunner on the team. We live in Lenexa but would be open to all options. Please email me at jchaney@cityofshawnee.org or text 913-915-0245. Thanks so much.


Josh Chaney

KC Warriors 10U looking for a few players
by Ruben Raygoza on 7/23/2021

Kc Warriors

KC Warriors Baseball 10U will be looking for a few player to help complete our 2021-2022 season. We practice at lions park in bonner springs. We will be playing leagie at 3 and 2 this fall and in the spring. Set up a date for a workout. PM us and we can set something up at your convinience. Coach Ruben 913 424 7826

7 yr old looking for spot
by Kevin LeDuff on 7/23/2021

Seems like we are in a similar spot as others. Looking for fall ball team. So. If you need another player, my little guy needs a team. Has machine pitch experience etc. 

13 year old pitcher/3rd base
by Rodney Gibson on 7/22/2021

My son is looking for a team to play on this fall. He is 13 and going into 8th grade. His main position is pitcher but also plays 3rd base. He played on a A/AA tournament team the last two years but the team is breaking up. Please email or call me at 913-972-6713. 

Freshman fall ball and summer ball
by Sara Stratton on 7/22/2021

I have a son who has played since 4 years old. Will be a freshman. Has played as catcher mostly with some 2nd base and right field. Please email Strattonfamily17@gmail.com

10u Boy looking for a team
by Jon on 7/22/2021


I know this is last minute, but my 10 yr old wants to play this year. He took a couple years off and wants to get back in. Please let me know if you have room on your team.

Call, Text, or email me if you do. Please and thank you!





5th grader needing a fall ball team
by Darrin Fulton on 7/21/2021

I'm looking for a fall team for my son who will be in 5th grade. He's been pitching all summer and his regular team plays football in the fall. Has a great arm, bats and throws right. Hoping to stay at 3&2 since we live in Bonner.

8yr old looking for permanent team
by Rhianna Gerloff on 7/20/2021

My son will be 9 in September, going into 3rd grade & is looking for a baseball team to play fall ball & beyond. 

13U Team Looking for Players for Fall & Spring
by Mike Trecek on 7/20/2021

13U Team out of Olathe/Lenexa looking to pick up a few players for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.  Please message me if you would like more information.


Mike Trecek

913.221.3976 or MikeTrecek@hotmail.com

7 year old looking for Fall team
by Greg Bognich on 7/20/2021

My 7 year old son (going into 2nd grade) is looking for a Fall ball team. He has played two years already.

14yo needs a team; Previously OYB
by Melissa S on 7/19/2021

My son would like to join a team. He has played since 4th grade and going to be a freshman this year. He typically plays 3rd base, 2nd base, and pitcher. He has played through OYB up to now but seeks to continue on via Fall Ball in preparation for Spring High School baseball. 

6 year old looking for machine pitch team
by Nick Brown on 7/18/2021

Good Morning 


I have a 6 year old (turning 7 in November) looking for a machine pitch team. We're having a lot of difficulty in finding a baseball home for him. We're in the Olathe NW district. He's an awesome kid, with a lot of drive and he's easily coachable, while possessing great talent for his age. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much.


Nick Brown


If you send me an email, I'll share my phone number to make it easier, thanks!

13U Needing a Team
by Kenneth Holwick on 7/16/2021

I have a 12 year old (13 in May) going into 7th grade this fall that is looking to join a team at the A level.  Pitcher, catcher and 3rd but is willing to play any position.  Hits well.  If you are in need of a player this fall, please text/call Kenny Holwick at 913.221.7666 or kennyh035@hotmail.com.   Thanks! 

13 Newcomer looking for team
by Brent Larson on 7/15/2021

12 year old, will be 13 in August, looking for an "A" level team in the Shawnee Mission area to be able to start improving skills and meeting new people.  If anyone is looking for a extra player, please contact Brent Larson at 913-638-9057, or vblarson@gmail.com.  Thanks!!

by Charles Jones on 7/15/2021


My son is 5 and turning 6 in September and is entering Kindergarten this fall. He has been going to D-Bats in Overland Park since May 2021 two days a week and will continue going when fall T-Ball/Coach Pitch season starts. This will be his first organized team he has played on. Will play T-Ball or Coach Pitch. Per his hitting coach at D-Bats he is actually ready for coach pitch.

5 year old looking for fall t-ball team
by Arianna Suddreth on 7/14/2021

My son is just turned 5 in May and is entering Kindergarten this fall. He played summer ball on a coach pitch team and did alright, but he definitely needs a t-ball team before going back to coach pitch. Looking for  a team with other 5 year olds, or young six year olds.

Accurate pitcher – 3rd/1st entering 9th grade/15U looking fall t
by Elizabeth Ferguson on 7/14/2021

Accurate pitcher, very strong 3rd/1st is seeking a 15U team for fall ball. Experienced team player who would love the opportunity to keep playing this fall. Entering 9th grade at SME. Email fergusonfamily8121@yahoo.com or call/text (913) 707-2609. Thanks for the consideration!

My son will be 15 in November and we are looking for a team.
by Mike Platt on 7/14/2021

Experience, played 14u AA this past year. His old team we loved but they have stopped playing. He is dedicated and loves the game. Please contact mikeplatt2006@gmail.com. Thanks for the opportunity!

3-13U players looking for a fall team
by Sandy on 7/13/2021

Looking for a fall team that has room for three players.  All have played organized ball since kindergarten.   

11/12u KC Monarchs AA Looking for 3 Players
by Shannon Cross on 7/11/2021

11/12u AA  Monarchs looking to add 3 players to roster. Players are expected to play outfield and infield, work hard and are coachable. We work with a AAA team and focus on developing the foundation for players ready to advance to a competitive level of play. We have the following  sesssions for players to come and work out to see if it's a good fit. If interested, please text or email your son/player's information. Feel free to reach out with any questions. 

July 17th 


Young's Park

7701 Antioch

Overkand Park, Ks


July 24th


Maple Hills Park

8445 Switzer

Overland Park, Ks


August 7th and 8th


WYCO Sports Complex

10100 Leavenworth Rd

Kansas City, Ks

KC Warriors 2021-2022 15AAA/Major looking to complete our roster
by Ruben Raygoza on 7/10/2021

KC Warriors will be looking for 1 player to help complete our 2021-2022 season. We will be trying to move up to 15Major with the right players. What kind of athlete we are looking for : •Outfielder Or •Catcher •Pitching experience is a must •Also, MUST be a solid hitter at this level. **Tryout date will be set for July 13th at 630 pm at Bonner Springs High School. We will be looking to play about 4-5 tournaments this fall. In the summer, we will be looking to play showcase league at creekside along with 6-8 tournaments. 3 ex college players so plenty of solid baseball experience. If you need to set up a tryout, just let us know, we are very flexible! Message coach ruben 913 424 7826

7 y.o. looking for fall ball team
by Jessica Smith on 7/9/2021

My 7 y.o. son is interested in playing Greenwood fall ball! He has never played before, but is willing to learn and has been practicing his skills. Please consider him! Thank you.

2 x 9th Graders Need Fall Team
by Danni Harrison on 7/6/2021

Two experienced ball players looking for 2021 fall team.  Both have played at multiple divisions and are committed to practices and increasing skills.  Prefer them to be a package deal as they often carpool to practices and games (and arrive on time!!).  Reside in SMS/SME areas.  Fine with tryouts.

E is predominantly pitcher/SS and bats second (long and lean and a fast base-stealer).  Right-handed.

L is utility but prefers 3rd/1st/SS; can also pitch and has generally batted 4th his whole career (more power hitter).  Right-handed.

L's mom will HAPPILY keep score in Game Changer and/or keep Team Snap or other communications up-to-date.  Has uniform ordering/distributing experience and had her own baseball teams for a few years.  We are a pretty good package, lol.





Fall 3rd grade 9U team looking for player
by Jeff Byrd on 6/30/2021

The Sluggers are looking for a player to fill an open spot on our fall 3rd grade team. We currently have a 7-5-1 record in the top 2nd grade division. We are holding a tryout on Monday, July 26 from 5-7pm for any 2nd or 3rd grader interested. Please call or text Jeff Byrd at 816-678-6021 if you have a player that would like to participate. This will be a permanent spot on the team for fall and future seasons, so if you are just looking for a temporary team for Fall Ball, this won't be the right fit.


11 year old looking for 12U Fall 2021 Team
by Brent Forck on 6/27/2021


Looking for a 12U Fall 2021 Team for my 11 year old (turning 12 in Jan).  Griffen Forck

He just ended his season with Olathe Youth Baseball and is in search of a new team.

Bats and Throws right.

Has good power with his bat, pitches and plays 1st.

Please text or call me at (913) 915-6262

Brent Forck

9u/10u AA Team: 3 Players Needed
by Shannon Cross on 6/24/2021

KC Cards is a 9u/10u AA team looking for 3-4 players to join our team. Players are expected to play both infield and outfield as we look to develop a well rounded, hard working team. Practices are held every Saturday, with additional batting practices throughout the week. We will play league and 2-3 tournaments this fall. This past season we played up in age and division, to learn to lose and understand what it takes to compete and win. We will be moving back to our age group, division 1. We have a strong core of 6-7 and want to add  3-4 hard working competitive players looking to continue their growth and develop. 

Please feel free to contact me anytime via email or phone.



Thank You,

Shannon Cross

Pitcher Looking for 13 U team
by Sherry Ellis on 6/24/2021

We are looking for a 13 U Fall Ball team for our son.  He has been away from baseball for a few years to focus on disc golfing and would like to get back on a team.  He is a kind teammate, a smart ball player, loves the game and competing.  He loves pitching and is right handed. 

We are looking for a team that is organized, knows how to grow players and encourages their love of the game.  If you have an opening on your team please contact us at 913-424-6106. 

Lawrence / Douglas County 10U - Looking for fall players
by Kirk Mooneyham on 6/24/2021

We're looking for anyone interested in playing fall baseball in the Lawrence / Douglas County area.

Target age group are those that played 10U this year, or kids entering 4th or 5th grade next year.

The focus of the team will be on improving skills and building a love for the game.  Level of play will be determined by the cummulative background of those interested.  

Two practices a week in the Lawrence area and maybe a tournament or two.

This team is for the fall only.

Looking for kids who love playing baseball and want to continue to do so throughout the fall.

Call or email me with any questions.





Looking for 2nd Grade team in West Olathe
by Ryan Campbell on 6/21/2021

2nd grader (in fall) looking for his age level team that is based in Olathe. Been playing up a grade level and want to move him back to his grade level but on a higher division team. Thanks!

Looking for a 15U team for the fall.
by Kimberly Grewing on 6/15/2021

My son will be 15 in August. Looking for a team to play with in the fall. He usually pitches, plays 3rd and 1st. 

13 yr old looking for fall team
by Amanda Ferguson on 6/13/2021

We have a 13 yr old son (14 in July) looking for a team this fall. Live in Lawrence, but not a problem playing in JoCo area. Tall kiddo, lefty, loves playing 1st base. Experience with pitching. Really will play anywhere. Loves the game and just wants to play again. Please email amanda@asgsl.net or call/text 913-461-1978 if you have anything! Thanks!

12 Year Old Son Looking for a Team
by Melissa Noel on 6/13/2021

Hi everyone! I have a 12 year old son looking to get on a team for fall baseball. We are wanting to move away from Rec and into 3&2. He has played several seasons and is also taking hour long lessons (pitching and hitting) each week through Next Level. He predominantly has pitched and played 3rd base, but he has experience in almost every position. Please let me know if you have a spot on your team! noelmelissa@outlook.com

7yr old looking for Fall Ball team, can play 2nd or 3rd grade
by Bobby on 6/8/2021

7 year old looking for fall ball team.  Lefty.  Plays first base, short stop and catcher.  Can play other positions.  Willing to play up to 3rd grade league if needed.  Call or text 913-832-0178

Player Looking To Sub
by Chris Utter on 5/18/2021

14 year old player looking to play some extra league games or tourneys. Willing to play anything from Rec to AAA, 14U or 15U. Can play any position on the field. Text/call 913-244-8460

HS Team - Looking for Titans
by Brian Lee on 5/6/2021

Highschool baseball team composed of a great and fun group of guys looking to add a couple of players to play alongside them during late spring/summer. We would play in the 3&2 Federal League and Kansas RBI Baseball League. Must bring a passion for the game and be willing to put in the work to improve. If you are interested in trying out and/or checking out our team, please contact me via phone or text at 513.227.8474. If texting or leaving a voice mail please send the following: Name, high-school, age, current grade, baseball experience and when last played, primary position, and possible secondary positions.

3X League Champs Seeking 7th-12th Grade Players for 2021
by Brad Dulny on 7/22/2020

Our KC RUMBLE High School Team has won three league championships (3&2 AL, FL & Fall 11/12th) and 47 games since June 2020 while beating many good school and club teams across 16/18U leagues and tournaments. We are expanding for 2021 to include teams for 7th-12th grade players. Interested Player: Please email 2021@KCRumble.com (or text message 913-706-1117) and include: Your Name, Email, Cell#, School, Grad Year, Positions, Strengths, Weaknesses, Prior Teams, Other Sports-Activities-Job, Availability, Baseball Aspirations and Desires for a New Team. 


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