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The 3&2 Baseball Club is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation serving the youth of our community since 1951.

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To view the master schedule GRID for rescheduling purposes, click here:

Master Schedule GRID

You can always view your schedule from your team’s home page accessible from  To access that page, go to>Team>Choose Team>Your Grade Level>Division>Your Team. 

From that page, you can click the schedule option on the left-hand side of the screen and view your schedule. As the season progresses, games you have played drop off of your schedule sequentially and your standings are updated accordingly. 

The league expects you to play your schedule as it has been planned, but if your team does have a situation where you are unable to field a team for a game, please let the league staff and your opponent know ASAP.  We will discuss some scheduling options for you.  By rule, you must notify the league and your opponent 3 days in advance for the game not to be forfeited.  We don’t want forfeits so please work with your team to prioritize their 3&2 games as they have been scheduled this season. Please plan accordingly.

Good Rescheduling Communication Example:

Any spot with an RO in that cell is a time that you can choose to reschedule a game. 

If you do agree to reschedule a game with a team that by rule is permissible and doesn’t put a hardship on your team, good communication to the league is important.  Please email Deron Toomay with requisite information to complete the request.  Example: 

3&2, I have confirmed with Coach XYZ of Team #777, and we have agreed reschedule our game on April 30th.  Please reschedule the following game:

Original Game: Team 777-778 on April 30th on field #5.

New Game Proposal: Team 777-778 April 15th at 8PM on field #3

Please confirm the new game proposal and move this game.

We will then confirm the move if it can be accommodated and update your schedule, which triggers a message to all the parents affiliated with your team that signed up for alerts.  

Front-loaded Schedule?

You may notice this season that we front-loaded many team’s schedules. That is we scheduled many games in Aug./Sep. months.  The reason for this is in anticipation of Fall weather.  We want to give you ample time throughout the season to get any rainouts or other conflicts comfortably re-scheduled and played earlier in the Fall.  

Where can I play?

All age groups can’t play on all fields at 3&2.  However, many 3&2 fields are setup to handle multiple age levels.  The table below shows the common pitching and base distance and corresponding fields at 3&2 you can play on.  The majority of the playing possibilities are listed below, but we do attempt to put you on to the most age appropriate field possible at all times.  For example, field #17 is setup to handle either the 46/65 ft pitching/base or 50/70 ft distances.  We prefer to put 3rd-4th grade on field #17 because it’s more age appropriate than for 5th-6th graders, but we can and will put higher grade levels on that field from time to time as a secondary location. 

Grade Level


Field Options




1st – 2nd Grade

44/60 ft.

10-13, 17

3rd-4th Grade

46/65 ft.

3-6, 14-17,22,23,

5th-6th Grade

50/70 ft.


7th-8th Grade

54/80 ft.


9th Grade +

60/90 ft.