3&2 Return to Play Guidelines | The 3&2 Baseball Club of Johnson County, Inc.
The 3&2 Baseball Club of Johnson County is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation serving the youth of our community since 1951.

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3&2 Coaches/Families,

Over the past few weeks we have developed what we hope is our final go forward plan to play ball this spring/summer.  We intend to initiate league play the week of June 8th.  League will run through August 6th. Schedules have been updated and can be accessed from your team’s page at 3and2baseball.com>Teams>Choose A Team>2020 Spring/Summer>Your Grade Level>Your Division>Your Team.

The information below provides a detailed return to play and distancing guidelines as we begin to reopen.  Please read the plan and guidelines closely and begin to consider how you’ll adjust as a coach or parent.  We will revise these guidelines and timeline if necessary, but sincerely hope this is the final version of your schedule for the season.  Thank you for your patience with the adjustments we have had to make to keep your 2020 league baseball season intact and your return to the park a safe one. 

Plan Overview

Through these unprecedented and difficult times, 3&2 has maintained its commitment to its members and staff to adhere to local, state, and national guidelines, as we consider reopening the park for play. With that, we intend on reopening the park for league practices only to our members between May 23-June 4 in adherence to the State of Kansas and Johnson County’s collective guidance. These practices will be free of charge to our member league teams. Practice times can be scheduled through our practice reservation system Book-a-Field.  

We believe giving our league teams an additional week of practice time at the park from when we could play will help our coaches and kids get caught up and ready for game play the week of June 8th. Your league schedules have been updated and note 15 extra minutes was added in between games to week night games (7:45PM starts now) to give teams and fans extra time to enter/exit the parks at a distance. By delaying game play until June 8th, we also want to give our own staff time to acclimate to the new processes and procedures in the park to ensure we serve you safely at every point in the park.

The June 8th league start is Plan D of our contingency strategy we communicated to the league in early April, where we had milepost starts in early and mid-May and then early June, where we find ourselves today. League teams will still play a full 12 games under this re-revised plan. 

The experience at the park will be a welcome return to normalcy for our families, but with some subtle and not-so-subtle differences in the operation of the park, all the park buildings, and some necessary departures from the pre-game plate meetings to post-game handshakes.

3&2 Baseball has established the following comprehensive set of guidelines. In doing so, we want to thank the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA), North Kansas City Youth League (NKCBA) Baseball, Blue Valley Rec. Department, the Office of the Governor of Kansas, Johnson County Health Department & Health Commission Task Force, the Cities of Lenexa and Shawnee, and 3&2’s own volunteer Board of Directors.

Safety and Distancing Guidelines at The 3&2 Baseball Club of Johnson County

  1. Spectators/Fans

As we return to baseball, please be prepared to follow the guidelines outlined below while enjoying your kid’s games:

  1. Wherever you are on our property, you must attempt to maintain a 6 ft. or greater distance from others. Please adhere to the directional arrows to maximize social distancing at bottleneck points like entrance gates and concession stands. 
  2. Preparing for your visit to the park.
    1. Seating. Spectator seating in the park is completely open around the circumference of the fields and adjacent commons areas to the fields.  Please bring your own chairs. We have large properties. Spread out and enjoy the game. Bleacher areas will be closed but not removed from the area.
    2. Restrooms.  Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.  Wash hands after using these facilities.
    3. Our concessions team has a strict safety plan for food and beverage handling and monetary transactions. Please follow directions on posted signs.
      1. All concessions employees will wear masks and gloves as they prepare and serve food and conduct transactions.
      2. Surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
      3. Plexiglas guards will be in place at the registers to protect both customer and employee.
      4. While maintaining a 6 ft. or greater distance from others, a maximum of four customers will be permitted inside the concession stand. Please designate one person to place the order for a family or group while others remain outside.
      5. Cash or credit forms of payment are acceptable, with the customer inserting the credit card.
    4. Playgrounds.  Playground equipment located around fields 10-13 at the West Complex will be closed until further notice.
    5. Golf cart assistance.  Golf carts will only be used for staff and emergency transport.  Convenience transportation service in either park is not available.
  3. Who should not come / visit to the park? 
    1. Anyone with an underlying medical condition that would classify them as “high risk”.
    2. Anyone who shows any signs of sickness.
    3. Anyone who answers yes to any of the following questions:
      1. Have you had symptoms of fever and cough, shortness of breath now or in the last 2-14 days?
      2. You or anyone in your household been to, or had contact with someone that has visited any of the restricted travel advisory locations listed on the CDC site within 14 days?
      3. Have you had close contact with anyone in the past 14 days who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  1. Teams

Teams will need to make adjustments before, during, and after games during this period.  Start by being prepared by having a team supply of wipes and sanitizer. Coach players on the importance of keeping our distance while playing together.

  1. Pregame and During Game. No team or player handshakes, team or player high fives,
  2. Plate Meeting. The pre-game meeting at home plate should be represented by one coach from each team and the umpires all distanced 6 ft apart. No players are allowed at plate meetings.
  3. The Baseball. The defensive team is responsible to provide all baseballs used in their half inning. Umpires will not handle baseballs.  They will only be responsible to ensure the baseballs being used are legal/league standard. Teams need to be prepared to put multiple baseballs in play (to account for foul balls sailing out of play) to keep the game pacing forward.
  4. Umpire Positions. Umpires on 9U/3rd grade games and up will be located behind the pitcher's mound to call balls/strikes. Umpires will rotate to standard positions to make play calls when the ball is put in play. In some instances, the league may have one umpire on the field.
  5. PPEs. Anyone who chooses to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, glasses, or gloves can do so any time and for players, at any position (including pitcher).
  6. Sanitary Necessities. Players need to have their own set of anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer to disinfect shared playing equipment (which is strongly discouraged) and clean hands between innings.
  7. Postgame. We recommend teams to tip their cap/helmet to honor the competition with their opponent after a game from across the field. No handshake lines will be allowed. Please do not stand on the foul line to make this sportsmanlike gesture to preserve the foul line for the next game.

Note for our T-ball teams.  We are developing a separate plan for our t-ball teams and additional guidelines for games played on our satellite properties, such as Freedom Fields, Stump Park, Indian Hills, and SM District Softball Complex.

  1. Dugouts

The dugout is an area on the field where coaches and players will naturally congregate.  We need to be mindful of distancing in the dugout. Coaches need to prep players for this. 3&2 recommends the batter on deck occupy the on deck circle outside the dugout, the next player up (batter in the hole) occupy the top step or near the opening of the dugout while all other players waiting to bat spread out the length of the dugout and beyond.

  1. Players may spread out and expand the dugout area where room permits without compromising player safety. You can have a maximum of three coaches in and around the dugout.  When batting, this includes base coaches and one bench coach. To minimize the number of players in the dugout, we are encouraging players to sit with their families until they become the "batter in the hole". 
  2. 3&2 will be disinfecting the dugouts on a daily basis. After each game, teams must clean their dugout of all trash and items. Teams are encouraged to disinfect hard surface areas (quick spray benches, bat racks, fence poles) upon entering and exiting a dugout. Please make these items part of your team equipment list, prioritize them highly, and make this courtesy a source of team pride. 
  3. Team water coolers are not permitted. Players use their own water coolers.
  4.  No gum or sunflower seeds in the dugout. 


  1. Scoring Games & Recording Game Results

Traditionally, coaches and scorekeepers exchanged physical line-up cards pre-game.  Umpires would then present a game record sheet to the home team on which game details, including scores and pitch counts were recorded and submitted to the field manager.


3&2 proposes minimizing contact between coaches and scorekeepers. Line-ups can be shared pre-game via text or other electronic means. Game records can be submitted electronically to the league or office. If physical game record sheets are submitted, do not exchange them with your opponent. Fill out the data on the sheet for your team and turn it in to the field manager’s office.

  1. Scoreboards.  Only those scoreboards that can be operated via phone app (fields 1, 2, & 7) will be operational during the reopen phases until phase out is achieved.