The 3&2 Baseball Club of Johnson County is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation serving the youth of our community since 1951.

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2020 3&2 Standard League Baseball Available
by posted 05/08/2020

Choose Diamond DOL-1 or ADStarr AD200 For League

For 3&2 league at all levels, we have a standardized the baseball we use for league games.  Since 2016, we have mandated the Diamond DOL-1 for 3&2 league. This season we are adding a new ball option and giving our teams a choice of baseballs you use for games.  You can continue to use the Diamond DOL-1 or you can use the ADStarr AD200 this year for league.  We tested ADStarrs in 1000s of tournament games in 2019 and they performed impeccably so we are adding them as an option for league.  

We mandate the use of a standard ball because there is a wide gap in ball quality, performance, and price in the market so to avoid conflict in games because of the baseball we use, we standardized it. These two baseball models meet the quality and performance standards for game play at all league levels. 

The cost is $40 per dozen or $5 per ball. 

Balls will be available through 3&2 in the following locations:

  • At the main office during normal office hours.
  • At the field manager’s offices once games begin.
  • At upcoming coaches meetings. 

Balls are now available in the main office.

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