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3rd Grade Players Needed
by Matt Phar on 1/13/2020

The Olathe Dragons are in need of 3rd Grade players. All positions open. The Dragons will play Summer League at 3&2 Baseball in Shawnee. Please contact Matt Phar via email at matt@paydayz.net or call or message 913-908-8245 with inquiries. Thank you. 

Seeking Players for 8U Team
by Simon Sun on 1/10/2020

The 8U Strike Zone Rascals is seeking experienced and competitive minded player to join the team for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. The Rascals will play Summer League at 3&2 Baseball in Shawnee, and compete in 8 Tournaments this summer. We are affiliated with Strike Zone (SZ) Baseball, located in Shawnee, with year-round access to the SZ instructors and an 11,000 Square Foot training facility to support player development. Please contact Simon Sun via email at simon.sun@hdrinc.com or call 913-485-7879 with inquiries.

KC Snipers
by Bill BARKEMEYER on 1/6/2020

The KC Snipers are looking for one to two players to round off our team for 2020.  We will play 1st division 3rd grade league  and about 6 tournaments this Spring Summer .  All positions open.  We have great kids and great parents.  If you are interested contact Bill Barkemeyer.

by Shanna Christopher on 1/6/2020

Below is a list of teams looking for players.  Feel free to reach out to the coaches and/or 3&2 so we can assist in placing your kiddo.  

Deron - derontoomay@3and2baseball.com

2020 Division Area First Last Team Name Home  Core School
Spring Tball            
Tball SME Nick Reddell The Dirtbangs (Reddell) (913) 707-0124  
Summer Tball            
tball   Neil McLeod Super Strikers (McLeod) (913) 523-5599 Lenexa United Methodist Church
1st Grade 1st Division             
1st Division SME Jason Bolyard Bulldogs (Bolyard) (913) 424-5145 Briarwood Elementary
1st Grade 2nd Div             
2nd Division D/MV Yancy Wright Tornadoes (Wright) (309) 716-8575 Clear Creek
2nd Division SMS Scott Sharpe Speedsters (Sharpe) (913) 406-6921 Cure of Ars
2nd Division SMNW Robert  Thompson SMNW Rainbow Warriors (Thompson) (913) 530-5873 Rhein Benninghoven, Mill Creek, Rising Star
2nd Grade 2nd Div             
2nd Division SMS Ben  Sutherlin Dirtbags (Sutherlin) (913) 568-6840 oak park carpenter
3rd Grade 1st Div            
1st Division  OW Kevin  Kufeldt Aces (Kufeldt) (913) 620-1145 Cedar Creek
1st Division SMW Shaun Miller ABA (Miller) (913) 636-5906 Christa McAuliffe
1st Division various Paul Geier Steam (Geier) (913) 238-1792 Various
1st Division OW Shaun Hanson Owlz (Hanson) (913) 302-5287 Clearwater Creek
4th Grade 1st Div            
1st division Private HS School Nick Rocha KC Express (Rocha) (913) 208-7448 Sacred Heart
4th Grade 2nd Div            
2nd Division SMNW Patrick Taylor Cougars (Taylor) (913) 593-7276 Ray Marsh
2nd Division ONW Ann Schneider Jaguars (Schneider) (816) 718-5444 Manchester Park
5th Grade 1st Div            
1st Division SMN Austin Taber Phantoms (Taber) (785) 236-1016 Blue Jacket Flint
1st Division OE Matt McNeil Olathe Hawks (McNeil) (913) 526-5560 Heatherstone Elementary
5th Grade 2nd Div            
2nd Division SMW Jonathon Herren KC Monarchs (Herren) (913) 485-4247  Pawnee
2nd Division OW Phillip Robles Rebels (Robles) (913) 515-3547  Briarwood/Clearwater Creek/ Wolf Creek
2nd Division SMW Garrett Schmidt Bombers (Schmidt) (913) 553-1265 Rising Star
6th Grade 1st Div            
1st Division ONW Jack Welch Regulators (Welch) (913) 220-9577 Summit Trail Middle School
1st Division D/MV Cindy Kelley Rebels (Kelley) (913) 669-2395 Mill Creek Middle School
7th Grade 1st Div            
1st Division SMW Melissa Spradlin KC Chaos (Spradlin) (913) 378-9242 Westridge
1st Division SMS Jennifer Burns Brookwood Royals (Burns) (913) 526-4977 Brookwood and Indian Woods
1st Division SMS Patrick Gantt Blue Hawks (Gantt) (913) 208-1723 Shawnee Mission 
7th Grade 2nd Div            
2nd Division SMW Aaron  Weber Scorpions (Weber) (913) 514-2378 Westridge
8th Grade 2nd Div            
2nd Division OE Matt Wilson Heaters (Wilson) (913) 499-8815 California Trail



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